5 Ways Therapy Can Enhance Your College Experience

by | Sep 26, 2023

How the right support can make the pressure to succeed more manageable

During my undergraduate career, I quickly realized how difficult and stressful college life would be. I was riddled with stress –  getting assignments done on time, pressure from myself to get good grades, and participating in multiple activities just because I could. Before long, I began to feel stretched so thin that I could barely function at times. The American College Counseling Association has noted that the percentage of college students seeking counseling services has increased quite greatly in recent years. The fact is, the pressure to succeed in classes while also balancing your social life is real. 

So why should college students reach out? I believe that literally anyone can benefit from therapy. There is no shame in getting help or guidance if something does not feel right or is too overwhelming. College students can benefit greatly from reaching out to their student services or local clinicians. 

I believe that there are 5 really good reasons to try therapy while in college. 

  1. Therapists will let you vent about what is going on and be an unbiased person to talk to on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 
  2. Learning coping mechanisms and skills to get through tough days. 
  3. Working through past traumas that may be negatively impacting your life. 
  4. It can boost mood by helping you feel more secure in your journey through health and healing. 
  5. It can help to improve grades. When you feel better you are more likely to be productive and focus on your classes. 

College can be rough, but it also can be incredibly rewarding. If you are like me and struggle with managing everything, then maybe it is time to reach out. 

I understand how challenging it may be to find the time and to talk about some of these things. Therapy can provide a chance for self-exploration and a decrease in distressing symptoms. It is normal to be apprehensive, but know that therapy is a great resource and can be useful for anyone no matter the circumstances.

About the Author

Stephanie Grobstitch, LMFT works with individuals, children 3+, teens, and families.






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