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Mental Health Counseling

Paige specializes in counseling adult individuals, couples, and families. She uses the strenghts to collaborate with her client’s journey towards health and healing.


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Paige conveniently offers appointments on week days and evenings to help those with busy schedules.


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About Paige Keppler, LMFT

I practice emotionally-focused individual therapy (EFIT) and emotion-focused therapy for couples, meaning I firmly believe emotions are transformative and play a central role in the therapy process. We’ll chart a collaborative journey to explore, understand, and work through emotional experiences to heal and grow.

I believe emotions hold valuable insights about our inner world, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and relationships. I provide a safe, supportive space for you to freely express and explore your emotions without judgment or criticism. Together, we uncover the underlying meanings and patterns driving struggles and work towards developing healthier ways of relating to yourself and others.

I believe in the importance of developing emotional awareness and regulation skills. We’ll work together to identify and name emotions, understand the messages they convey, and learn to navigate their ebb and flow by building emotional resilience and effective coping strategies.

My ultimate belief is that by embracing and working through emotional experiences, people can transform their lives, create healthier relationships, and build greater self-compassion and well-being. Let me hold space for you amidst your distress, be that source of human connection and support on your trek through life and its challenges. I would be honored to work alongside you in discovering new ways and useful tools to overcome those challenges.

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Paige Keppler, LMFT Counseling Specializes In

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Couple Counseling

If your marriage is in need of help or repair, Paige has been trained to help you reconnect and heal from past wounds.

Individual Counseling

Paige specializes in helping individuals work through current issues by collaborating with each client about their individual goals and then draws upon their strengths to helps foster change.

Family Therapy

Paige places an emphasis on the importance of the family, having come from a large family herself, and has an understanding of the many different dynamics at play within the family system. Due to this emphasis, Paige is motivated to be a support in healthy family functioning both at the system and the individual level.

Paige’s counseling practice concentrations are in the following areas



Coping Skills





Mood Disorders

Self Esteem

Trust Issues


Mood Disorders

Family Conflict

Behavioral Issues