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Mental Health Therapist

Stephanie specializes in individual, children, couples, and family counseling. She focuses on helping you find solutions to the many problems you are facing.


Children & Play Therapy

Stephanie is trained in play therapy to help children process through their issues. Play therapy is a proven method for adolescent children.


About Stephanie Grobstich, LMFT

Life is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle with thousands of moving pieces; work, kids, school, relationships. Sometimes the pieces easily fit together, while other times, not so much.

In my experience with puzzles, it goes better when there are a few people working on it. This is where I come in! I consider myself to be a collaborative therapist who works with my clients to put together those pesky pieces. I ask lots of questions, explore your emotions, and help you process through them.

I work with individuals, children 3+, teens, and families. I primarily specialize in play therapy and am trained to help kiddos process through their struggles utilizing play. I also work closely with families to help find solutions by looking at the larger system. I choose to look at your strengths to help encourage you to push forward on your journey with therapy. 

Sessions with me include tons of humor, openness and compassion. While I know that therapy can be tough, we all need a little light and laughter. My goal is to connect with you and to honor your experiences while working with you to achieve your goals. I am excited to start this journey with you!

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Stephanie Grobstich, LMFT Counseling Specializes In

Teen Therapy

Teenagers are going through a lot these days and this can get overwhelming for them. Stephanie uses humor and compassion to connect with your teen and help him or her get back on the right track.

Individual Counseling

Stephanie specializes in helping individuals work through current issues by helping them focus on their strenghts and helps them develop healthy emotional reactions to any given situation.

Family Therapy

Stephanie is specifically trained in family therapy. She focus less on trying to blame any one person in the family and instead focuses developing and fostering the emotional attachment between each member that is required for a thriving family.

Couples Therapy

Stephanie has been trained to help couples navigate through the many and complex issues and problems that keep couples from thriving. 

Stephanie’s counseling practice concentrations are in the following areas

Coping Skills

Play Therapy


Behavioral Issues

Self Esteem

Mood Disorders


Trust Issues

Family Conflict

Body Image