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Mental Health Therapist

I specialize in individuals, couples of all varieties, and trauma. She provides a safe, warm, & accepting space for you to explore & learn about yourself to heal.


Marriage & Couple Therapy

I have focused my training on helping Couples of all varieties to heal from past wounds and restore a loving and trusting partnership.


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Tiffany Werderman Is Passionate About Helping Individuals, Couples, Trauma, Abuse, Chronic mental health, & The LGBTQIA+ Community



About Tiffany Werderman, T-LMFT

Welcome. I’m so happy you’re here. Therapy can be a life-altering experience when you are with the right therapist. It is important to me that I provide a safe, warm, & accepting space for you to explore & learn about yourself. Whether you’re presently going through something incredibly confusing or painful, looking to heal things from your past, or hoping to work toward being your best self, I’d be honored to support you on your way. I’m here to be with you as you face the emotions, thoughts & behavior that have got you stuck.

I have a passion for working with couples and partnerships of all varieties. If you are married or in a non-traditional relationship, I can help you and your partner process what keeps you stuck in the negative patterns. I also work with individual adults (18+) suffering from trauma, past abuse, and chronic mental health conditions. I have experience working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community, & gender-expansive individuals.

You don’t have to go through this alone. You can access hope and healing. Your wellness is worth the work. Even if you may feel skeptical, that is normal. I encourage you to reach out & give therapy a try. Or if you have, maybe more times than you can count- try again. You never know what a new connection, perspective, or experience can bring to your life.

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Tiffany Werderman, T-LMFT Counseling Specializes In

Couples Therapy

Tiffany helps couples of all varieties navigate the difficulties of repairing past wounds and restoring a secure attachment for lasting change.

Individual Counseling

Tiffany specializes in helping individuals (18+) with chronic mental health issues, trauma/PTSD, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, & gender-expansive individuals.

Tiffany’s counseling practice concentrations are in the following areas


Gender Identity


Neuroatypical Conditions


Personality Disorders


Marriage/couples counseling



Self Esteem





Open Relationships




Body Image Issues


Negative Idealization


Chronic Mental Health